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Campuses and Locations

adventure in every corner

Our camps are set to create an environment that inspires learning and are laid out keeping in mind safety and facilitation of activities. Accommodation is spartan yet comfortable, with electricity and power backup. Care is taken to provide food that is nutritious, wholesome and tasty.
North India jammu & kashmir


  • campus area44 acre sanctuary
  • right thereIndus river
  • far awaysecluded wilderness
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The Ladakh campus lies in a 44 acre sanctuary on the banks of the Indus, a 25 minute drive from Leh airport. The only building you see are monasteries perched high on the Himalayan range. away from the hustle bustle, the camp offers a secluded haven in the wilderness. The night sky is a sight to behold!

Accommodation is in tents. Toilets are western and hot water is available in the bathrooms. 

  • 7°C–16°C [summer temp]
  • 9,850ft [above sea level]
North India uttarakhand

Naukuchiatal Campus

  • campus area0.5 acres
  • facilitiesswiss tents & dormitories
  • activity hublarge central ground
  • visitors on campbarking deer & peacocks
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Naukuchiatal or “lake of nine corners” is a beautiful hill station in Nainital district, 26 kms away from Kathgodam. Our campus is situated at the edge of the lake and is surrounded by oak, sal and deodar forests.

The placid lake provides the perfect opportunity for open water kayaking. The campus also has a high and low ropes course. Trekking trails are winding and run deep into the mountains. A large and flat central ground is used for on-campus activities and games. 

Naukuchiatal campus has a mix of Swiss tents and dormitory accommodation; fixed toilet and bath facilities. 

  • 14°C–30°C [summer temp]
  • 4,002ft [above sea level]
North India uttarakhand

Tons Campus

  • campus area2+ acres
  • accommodation37 tents
  • cool off timeamphitheatre & splash pool
  • starting pointexpedition base camp

Our flagship campus is located on the banks of the river Tons in Uttarakhand at a distance of 180 kms from Dehradun. The campus is surrounded by majestic pine, oak, deodar and rhododendron forests on all sides. The gushing sounds of the tons river is an integral part of the Tons campus. 

The rafting sites are just 2 kms upstream from the campus. Trekking routes run through dense forests and lead to stunning overnight camping sites. Exciting mountain biking trails and magnificent rock faces make it a haven for any outdoor enthusiast. 

The tons campus has tented accommodation with fixed bath and toilet structures. The campus has a cool off zone with a ‘splash pool’ and an underground amphitheater called the ‘bomb shelter’. 

  • 22°C–34°C [summer temp]
  • 3,772ft [above sea level]
North India uttarakhand

Uroli Campus

  • campus area1.5+ acres
  • accommodation33 tents
  • open spacescentral ground
  • permanent activity setuphigh & low ropes course
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Our oldest campus, Uroli lies in the Kumaon range of the Himalayas, 27 kms from Ranikhet in Uttarakhand. Dense green pine and oak forests surround the campus with a majestic view of snow-capped peaks. A cool mountain breeze carrying the scent of pine leaves add to the scenic ambience. 

The campus has beautiful trekking trails that run through the mountain ranges, a permanent ropes course structure and excellent rock climbing opportunities. A large flat ground serves as an activity hub for various on-camp activities. A built up structure doubles up as dining and multi-purpose hall. 

Accommodation is in tents that are laid out on three terraces. Fixed toilet and bath structures add to the comfort of the participants. 

  • 15°C–25°C [summer temp]
  • 6,131ft [above sea level]
North India himachal pradesh


  • surroundingsdeep, white snow
  • accommodationhotel
  • land of skiingsolang valley
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Our skiing programs run out of 2 locations—Solang and Sethan—an hour’s drive from Manali. Solang comes on the way to Rohtang Pass, and Sethan is a small Buddhist village located in the Hamta valley.

Accommodation is in a hotel. Rooms are allocated on triple sharing basis. Boys and girls stay separately. Toilets and bathrooms are attached. 

  • -9°C to 5°C [winter temp]
  • 6,725ft [above sea level]
North India uttarakhand

Rishikesh Campus

  • campus area1.5+ acres
  • accommodationtents
  • real wildernessjungle campsite
  • permanent activity setuphigh ropes course
  • mighty rapidsIndia's rafting hub
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Our stunning forest campus, Camp Aquaterra, is located in the main Upper Ganga valley, 30 kms from Rishikesh. Located in the heart of peaceful dense pine and oak forest, the campus is a sight to behold. 

White water rafting and kayaking take place in the Ganges river, a short drive away. The ropes course on the campsite offers sixteen challenging ‘high’ elements. 

The Rishikesh campus has tented accommodation with fixed toilet and bath structures. A clearing in the forest provides open space for various on-campus games and activities. 

  • 22°C–35°C [summer temp]
  • 1,500ft [above sea level]
North India uttarakhand

Sitlakhet Campus

  • 360 viewhimalayan mountains
  • trekking trailsmountain forests
  • open spaceslarge central ground
  • accommodationin comfortable tents

Sitlakhet is the first-ever learning-based summer camp for kids in India. Set up in 1996, it is set in the sleepy hill station town in Almora district.

The campus has beautiful trekking trails, challenging rock faces and biking routes that take you through mountain passes and jungles. Lush green forests, majestic mountains, and fruit orchards make for an idyllic setting for a wilderness campus. It often acquires a dreamy “floating in the clouds” view.

Sitlakhet campus has tented accommodation with fixed bath and toilet facilities.

  • 15°C-25°C [summer temp]
  • 7000 ft [above sea level]
North India himachal pradesh

Tirthan Campus

  • wilderness exhibit400 flora species
  • accommodationcomfortable tents
  • nature soundsriverside campus

Our beautiful riverside campus at Tirthan is located in the Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The campus is surrounded by mountains populated with large Deodar trees.  The pristine waters of the Tirthan river add to the picturesque setting. 

Water activities are run in the Tirthan river next to the campsite. Large natural rockfaces and boulders are a short walk away. The campus has beautiful trekking trails and routes that take you through mountains and forests. 

The Tirthan campus has tented accommodation with fixed bath and toilet structures. Open spaces are available for other games and activities.

  • 15°C-30°C [summer temp]
  • 5250 ft [above sea level]
North India uttarakhand


  • accommodationtents
  • surroundingsmountains and forests
  • local flavourrich folklore
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Dhanaulti is 25 kms from Mussoorie, in the Tehri-Garwal range. The region is dotted with lively villages, meadows and is a natural haven.

The campus has tented accommodation, separate for boys and girls. 

  • 13°C–23°C [summer temp]
  • 7,500 ft [above sea level]
North India Himachal Pradesh


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  • [above sea level]
South India pondicherry


  • location specificsbeaches, sun & sand
  • accommodationshared hostel rooms
  • live in and explorecity of auroville
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Pondicherry is a former french colony and is one of the best places to get a glimpse of colonial heritage. The area has beautiful sun kissed beaches and clean waters for adventure activities.

On the inme surfing program, accommodation in provided in a hostel room on shared basis. Each room has attached toilet and bath facilities. Girls and boy are allocated separate rooms.

We surf at Serenity beach and enjoy the shimmering waters lapping the pristine golden sand of the beach.

  • 26°C–34°C [summer temp]
  • 10ft [above sea level]
South India karnataka

Coorg Campus

  • campus area3 acres
  • accommodationdormitories
  • oldest campusestablished 2009
  • starting pointexpedition base camp
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Set amidst a 200-acre coffee, cardamom and black pepper plantation in Coorg, our campus shows the Westerns Ghats in their full glory. The area offers a majestic green cover with thick canopies of rain forests. Parts of the Coorg ecosystem are tagged as ‘one of the hot-spots of biological diversity’ by UNESCO.

Our campus is surrounded by magnificent rock faces and has a high and low element ropes course. Trekking routes take you across mountains dotted with multiple shades of green. Biking tracks are mainly off-road with challenging uphills and downhills. 

Living arrangements on the campus are in dormitories with attached bath and toilet facilities. 

  • 12°C–20°C [summer temp]
  • 3,838ft [above sea level]
South India tamil nadu

Yercaud Campus

  • campus area0.75 acres
  • accommodation25 tents
  • open spaceslarge central ground
  • sight to beholdfamous viewpoint

Our Yercaud campus is set within a 250-acre coffee estate and plantation in the Shevaroys range of hills in the Eastern Ghats. Located at a distance of 40 kms from Salem, the campus provides a stunning view of hills planted with coffee and spices. 

The campus has challenging rock climbing faces, a short walk away. A high and low element ropes course is set up within the camp premises. Biking trails take you on off-road, rocky terrains marked by challenging uphills and downhills. Trekking routes go through misty forests and bushy mountains. 

Accommodation at Yercaud is in tents with fixed toilets and bathrooms. A permanent structure overlooking the hills, serves as the dining and multi-purpose activity space. 

  • 10°C–29°C [summer temp]
  • 5,324ft [above sea level]
South India karnataka

Karwar Campus

  • campus area1 acre
  • accommodation12 tents & 4 cottages
  • share your space1-clawed crab
  • real tweetsover 100 species of birds
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Our Karwar campus is nestled inside a 5-acre mangrove on the banks of the river Kali in Karnataka, just 10 kms south of the Goa border. Specially designed as an eco-friendly campsite, care has been taken to preserve the highly endangered flora and fauna that surrounds the campsite. 

The gentle flow of river Kali provide the perfect opportunity for open water kayaking. The campus has natural rock faces and stunning trekking routes traverse through thick mangroves abundant in a variety of flora and fauna. 

Accommodation is a mix of cottages and tents with fixed toilets and bathrooms. The dining hall overlooking the Kali river is the perfect setting to enjoy a meal. 

  • 22°C–33°C [summer temp]
  • 20ft [above sea level]
Central India maharashtra

Bhillar Campus

  • campus area2 acres
  • accommodationdormitories & cabins
  • open spacesstrawberry farms
  • exploredeep basalt caves
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Our Bhillar campus is set in the Satara district of Maharashtra, 12 kms away from Panchgani. Surrounded by strawberry farms, the area offers a variety of flora and fauna. With a valley to the east and hills to the west, you can see stunning views of sunrise and sunset over the Western Ghats. Do not be surprised to catch trees lit up by fireflies in the night!

Trekking routes meander through green meadows and farm lands. The campus has massive rock faces and a natural basalt cave. The ropes course set up provides a variety of low and high challenges. Large open spaces are used for informal games and activities. 

Accommodation is a mix of dormitories and cabins with fixed toilet and bathrooms.   

  • 22°C–34°C [summer temp]
  • 4,200ft [above sea level]
Central India madhya pradesh

Tamia Campus

  • campus areaover 18 acres
  • accommodationin comfortable tents
  • open spaceslarge central ground
  • sight to beholdMajestic valley view
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Located at an altitude of a little over 3000 ft, amidst rolling meadows & maize farms, the camp is spread over 18 Acres of a cliff and has a spectacular view of the Patalkot Valley. Till some years ago, the valley was completely hidden and isolated from the mainstream in terms of accessibility and visibility. The local tribes and villages remind us of primitive/agrarian livelihoods.

The campus has beautiful trekking trails, exciting rockfaces and a built-up ropes course structure. Large open spaces are available for games and activities. 

Accommodation is in tents, separate for boys and girls. Fixed toilet and bath structures add to the comfort of the participants.  

  • 15°C-20°C [winter temp]
  • 3000 ft [above sea level]
Other usa

Pacific Coast

  • 3 stateswashington, oregon, san francisco
  • camp everydaystate parks
  • new landscapesocean, lakes, mountain
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Explore the West Coast moving across the states of Washington, Oregon, and California. There’s lots to see and experience—from Redwood forests to national parks, beaches and much much more.

We camp at different state parks along the way. We pitch tents to set up camp. The state parks have built up toilets and bathrooms with hot water. 

  • 15°C–20°C [summer temp]
Other andaman & nicobar islands

Havelock Island

  • surroundingsbeaches, sun & sand
  • accommodationhotel
  • flora and faunaexotic variety
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The magnificent Andaman Islands, said to be the peaks of a submerged mountain range, sit in splendid isolation in the Bay of Bengal. The islands are covered with dense rain-fed forests and endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna. Andamans is known for water sports, pristine beaches, and rich history and culture. 

On this inme program, accommodation is provided in a hotel room on shared basis. Each room has attached toilet and bath facilities. Girls and boy are allocated separate rooms.

  • 24°C–34°C [summer temp]
  • 53ft [above sea level]

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