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Outdoor Initiation Programs

get a taste of adventure

welcome to the great outdoors

Especially designed for inquisitive, young children embarking on their first summer camp adventure, learning to stand on their own feet in a safe yet unfamiliar environment.

  • find a camp near you

    Based out of locations in the north, south and central India — you’ll be sure to find an Inme summer camp that’s at a comfortable distance from home.
  • get a taste of the action

    Learn the basics of four exciting outdoor activities at camp, while exploring the wonderful world of nature. Try something new and see what you like—you’ll be back for more.
  • low difficulty, but not easy

    While activities at our summer camps are of a difficulty level appropriate for the age group, our young explorers also have greater supervision at all times. Push your self and discover your true potential.
  • small groups, high care

    With an adult to child ratio of 1:6 and multiple female instructors on each of our summer camps, every child gets the attention and support needed to bring out their best and help their confidence grow.
  • no luxury holiday

    While we ensure that children are well fed, hydrated and rested on camp, we do not promise a cushioned holiday. Being without phones, sharing living spaces, baths, toilets is a part of the unfamiliar environment that aids learning.

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