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Triple Trouble at Rishikesh

bubble, bubble, toil and trouble


three times the action

Spend eight days in a secluded jungle camp in Rishikesh. Take in the fresh, pine air and share a campsite with moths, beetles, centipedes and lots of birds—far, far from the city lights. Raft harder and kayak faster through the swift, gushing waters of the Ganga. Back on land there's the ultimate ropes course—be the first to complete it (no one has so far!).


three times the intensity

After going through some hydrology basics, and understanding how to use equipment you're ready to hit the water. Learn to respond to the different sections of a river—paddle forward, backward, faster or do nothing! The real fun starts when you begin to read the river and understand how to coordinate your efforts and movements. Mix it up with some safety drills and how to calmly deal with capsize situations. Get creative and build your own raft. Thrilling challenges await on the high ropes course. Test your balance, conviction and strength as you make it to the top!

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  • 120000+ [ happy inme campers ]

“I was terribly jealous, of course. It looked like my kids had a better time at their Inme camp than the best European holiday we had taken them for. Joking aside, if anyone were to ask my kids about the best experience they ever had in their lives, their camp at Inme would undoubtedly be counted among the top.”


program itinerary

DAY 1 Reach the campus, settle in and set expectations with a brief orientation 

DAY 2 Raft 23kms from ATA Shivpuri to NIM. After lunch, hit the high elements ropes course 

DAY 3 Take on rapids and learn safety skills such as flip-drills and guiding the raft. Continue with the ropes course after lunch 

DAY 4 Trek to a nearby village for a taste of the local culture. Post lunch, kayak from Silver Sands to Gular bridge 

DAY 5 Kayak from Devprayag to Beas Ghat. Set up an overnight camp right on the beach 

DAY 6 Kayak 15kms in the remote, upper Ganga gorge till Kaudiyala 

DAY 7 mega Helter Skelter followed by talent night! 

DAY 8 Concluding de-brief and reflection session before lunch

in-tent-ionally basic

Spend the nights under the stars in spartan yet comfortable tents that are kitted out with camping mats and sleeping bags. Choose your tent mates—boys and girls separately, of course!

a ticket to discover your true potential


Triple Trouble at Rishikesh
Rishikesh Campus, Uttarakhand

care and safety

Being well fed and hydrated is crucial to staying energised for the action-packed days.A fully functional kitchen on campus dishes up fresh, wholesome and nutritious food for every meal. Water, soup or juice provided during hydration breaks through the day. Our instructors take care of the rest. They're all certified outdoor experts who go through extensive training and assessment before working with us. For the comfort and special needs of girls, there is a female instructor assigned to each activity group. A doctor is also present on campus at all times to attend to medical needs.

travel details

Groups depart from Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 2 at 6:00am by AC buses till  Camp. On the way back, we reach Indira Gandhi International Airport at 10:00pm. Alternately, participants can fly into Dehradun to join the program. Someone from the team will receive them at the airport and continue to campus in buses or jeeps.

fitness requirements

This program might be more demanding than the usual physical activities you're used to. We recommend a little jogging, stretching and exercise a few weeks before the departure to gain the flexibility and agility needed to truly enjoy the experience. Do this wearing the shoes you want to carry for the program—it'll help break into them.

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