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The Inme Way
The Inme Way

discover and learn—the inme way
26 years of engaging children in outdoor and adventure programs has enabled us to create a series of unique and memorable programs that let children discover their true potential. A thrilling mix of adventure, fun and learning—it’s an exprience unlike any other that you can get in regular life.

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worked with over 400 schools across the country

We partner with schools and work with students, teachers and school leaders. Workshops are customized to cater to individual needs and are a mix of outbound programs and in school sessions.

we only work with the best

Inme is the first outdoor education company in the country to meet international standards of safety and clear an intensive risk assessment by King’s College, London

founder - tarun chandna takes the stage

Keynote speaker at the 2017 Association of Experiential Education (AEE) conference in Montreal, Canada, TC spoke about how the experiential education field has grown in India over the last 26 years.


step up to the real challenge
We learn best in real situations, when emotions are heightened, and the challenge pushes us to solve problems. Beyond that—facilitating activities, enabling success, or navigating conversations based on the individual—is what makes each child’s experience meaningful.

keeping the challenge real

All activity situations are designed in a way that the real risk is always lower than the perceived one. The key is to enable one to take action - each child must overcome a hurdle, whether physical or mental.

going beyond your comfort zone

Being open to new experiences, people and opinions helps you discover the real you. Realising what holds you back, and overcoming it can build a more productive attitude.

feeling safe and supported

Having someone you trust guide you in difficult situations allows you to take a leap of faith. In addition, knowing that one is safe reduces the fear of the ‘unknown’ making children likelier to try new experiences.

age appropriate challenges

The physical challenge and level of instruction on every program is created for children within that age group. Grouping by age also helps children become comfortable quickly and socialise more with peers.

looking back, moving ahead

Debriefing sessions at the end of the day help in connecting the day’s experiences to real life. Applying these lessons to different situations helps in enhancing self-awareness which leads to growth.

see the change in me
While the days are packed with action, the learning goes beyond. Designed and developed by experts of outdoor education and child psychology, these experiences help children and young adults open up, become confident, learn to adapt to new environments.

adapting to change

Being thrown into an unfamiliar environment encourages one to think independently and find the best way to approach problems. The struggle to decide, get buy-ins to common goals builds confidence and team spirit.

learning by doing

Lessons for life such as overcoming difficulty, tenacity—and even independence—are assimilated though action because knowing the right thing to do is not the same as doing it.

self discipline and responsibilty

Children realise the importance of timeliness and taking ownership of tasks. They begin to see that their actions (or inactions) have real consequences. This awareness helps imbibe a sense of respect for what they have.

building a sense of leadership

Working in groups, taking charge and sharing responsibilities helps to build trust, increase co-operation and interpersonal effectiveness. The confidence to lead becomes a powerful attitude in life.

knots that bind

From instructors who help you come out of a tight spot to peers who share similar experiences - everyone gets an opportunity to come out of their shell and build genuine friendships for life.

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