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Meet the team
Meet the team

the stars on the ground
Our outdoor instructors possess strong technical skills, creativity, along with high ethical and safety standards. Their training covers facilitation and debriefing techniques that help them relate activities to real life and motivate children.

190 experienced instructors

The lifeline of our programs, include expert mountaineers, rock climbers, white water rafters, kayakers, mountain bikers, ropes course specialists, wilderness medics, facilitators, and much much more

40 inspiring campus chiefs

The backbone of our programs, they are mountaineers, behavioural science professionals, educationists, expeditioners, doctors, entrepreneurs and ex-Armed forces personnel. They play the role of program organisers, administrators, activity debriefing facilitators, instructors, mentors, and much much more.

60 talented female instructors

Every activity group and program has female instructors, who are well equipped to run the activity and are sensitive to the needs of every child, especially girls.

the masterminds
Designed and developed by experts of outdoor education and child psychology, our learning and development team concieves enriching experiences that give children the opportunity to learn and grow while having fun.

Nipun Malik

Nipun's journey reflects a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors and adventure, starting from a young age and evolving into a rich career path. His early interest blossomed into a profession, fortified by a solid educational foundation from IIPM and further enhanced by practical experience spanning nearly two decades. His diverse skill set, combining expertise in the outdoors with customer relationship management and project management, positions him as a valuable asset in his field. As a leader in sales and IT for Inme Learning Pvt. Ltd., Nipun demonstrates a blend of strategic vision and technical proficiency, driving the company's growth and innovation. His certification as an Open Water Scuba Diver not only underscores his commitment to adventure but also showcases his dedication to mastering new skills outside his primary domain. Beyond his professional endeavors, Nipun's interests speak volumes about his adventurous spirit and love for exploration. Whether it's cycling, football, or embarking on journeys to discover hidden gems, he finds solace and excitement in the great outdoors. His penchant for getting lost in new areas underscores a curiosity and openness to new experiences, embodying the essence of exploration and discovery.

Sheriyar Unwalla

A passionate cyclist, outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, foodie, and sustainability campaigner, Sheriyar finds his greatest joy in spending time with children at camp. Beyond his background in sales, retail, marketing, and international business, he has also invested significant time in training and facilitating within the retail sector. He derives immense satisfaction from making a positive difference in people's lives through his work.

Junaid Hussain

Junaid loves working with children and adults on leadership, communication and teamwork. A certified scuba diver, his caring and big brother approach makes him very popular with children on camps. An ardent aviation enthusiast he loves to fly simulators and aims to acquire his flying licence soon. Junaid heads our work with Schools

Jason Lopez

Jason's journey with Youreka/Inme began at a remarkably young age, demonstrating a profound dedication to the organization's mission and values. Starting as a participant at the age of 14, he quickly immersed himself in the world of adventure and experiential learning. His passion for travel and biking not only reflects his adventurous spirit but also highlights his ability to embrace new challenges and experiences. Over the years, Jason has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of Inme, leveraging his firsthand experience as a participant to contribute meaningfully to the organization. As the head of program delivery, Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, drawing upon his extensive experience within the organization. His leadership skills and dedication to excellence are evident in his efforts to set up and manage campuses, ensuring that each program is executed with precision and care.

behind the scenes
The inme engine is kept well oiled and run with clockwork precision by a dedicated team of in-house members that make up our operations and advocacy.

10 travel and logistics members

Our in-house travel and logistics team keeps an eye on the movement of participants and material on every program.

12 sales and customer relationship managers

Likely to be the voice behind the line or sitting in your living room, our sales team runs out of four cities—Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata

meet the

Founded by alumni of XLRI and INSEAD, this group is made up of entrepreneurs and experts in experiential learning, adventure based programs, corporate leadership and behavioural learning.

gaurav saklani

An alumnus of The Doon School, SRCC and XLRI, Gaurav has designed, delivered and personally architected various outdoor camps in the hills since 1996. He is a leading trainer in the leadership and team building space and with his immense talent to connect with people and energize groups, he works with senior leaders on creating winning teams, handling difficult conversations and realizing leadership potential. Known as ‘God’ on summer programs for his magic tricks, Gaurav is an amateur magician. He has been active in the adventure space since his boarding school days and has climbed and trekked extensively in the lower Himalayas and has also cycled from Dehradun to Calcutta. Gaurav is an avid cricket follower.

tarun chandna

An alumnus of St. Columba's School, SRCC and XLRI, Tarun is one of the pioneers of outdoor education in India. With a background in behavioral science and his interest in adventure and outdoors, he has been active in the field of adventure-based learning for over two decades now and has created some high impact outdoor-based learning modules. Tarun facilitates high-intensity learning for senior teams on Leadership, Teamwork and Creativity and is very skilled at pushing groups to break out of paradigms to truly think laterally. He has participated in several world-class outdoor programs at Outward Bound in Singapore and California. An ex-state level football player and a white-water rafting enthusiast, Tarun is passionate about working with young people to help them discover and achieve their potential.

ronny gulati

An alumnus of KV, NIT Trichy and XLRI, Ronny was amongst the pioneers who brought adventure-based learning programs to India. He has been actively engaged in creating and delivering programs for children and adults that use the outdoors to impart learning over the last two decades. Ronny is an avid traveler and a die-hard optimist.

saurabh saklani

An alumnus of The Doon School, Knox College and INSEAD, Saurabh brings a wealth of global education and experience to his work with inme. He was instrumental in advocating and embedding inme’s life skills curriculum in leading schools across the country. A former Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Saurabh works with senior leaders on change management, team productivity and leadership mindsets and uses an action-oriented facilitation style to help create learning that can be practically used at the workplace. Children fondly call him 'Coach' on camp and given his passion for youth empowerment, Saurabh wrote a popular book called 'What Teens Need But Can't Quite Say' (Rupa ’05) and works closely with school leaders on student and teacher empowerment. Saurabh plays competitive squash at the masters level, and enjoys snooker, golf and rucking.

satindra sen

After passing out from XLRI, Satindra has held key positions with leading multinationals such as American Express, Bank of America and Eicher Consulting and brings high expertise around quality and customer service to inme. Having lead large businesses and huge teams, he facilitates programs using his rich corporate experience on Leadership, Teamwork and Visioning for senior business leaders. Satindra is the author of ‘Calling India’ (Bloomsbury ’15), a book on how India became the off-shoring capital of the world. Satindra is both a self-confessed foodie and a great cook and enjoys playing chess.

brig. trigunesh mukherjee

A former faculty member at the College of Defence Management and Army War College, Trigunesh served as the Commandant of Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School. A corporate and student trainer since 1998 when he took voluntary retirement from the Armed Forces, Trigunesh facilitates programs in interpersonal effectiveness, coaching and mentoring. An author and a keen photographer, Trigunesh is a regular contributor to various magazines.

puneet palaha

A telecommunications engineer, His love for adventure was kindled at an early age as he traveled to the boondocks of India with his family, which led to his decision to leave a conventional career trajectory for the uncertain world of entreprenurship at a young age. Puneet is known for his talent for mimicry and is an enthusiastic cyclist.

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