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The story of two companies

The story of two companies

some unions are made in heaven and some stories are just meant to be.


This year, an extraordinary step has been taken and inme has come together with Youreka! Both are leaders in the adventure-based learning space. The story is an interesting one.

When Tarun, Gaurav and Ronny graduated from XLRI in 1992, they knew that they would remain friends. They shared the same dream – to be entrepreneurs. And they shared the same values – to do work that felt like play, to have fun and to do something they believed in.

So when they started summer camps together in 1996, they set out to build an organisation that reflected these values. Together, they created a world where young people could play and learn life skills in a safe, challenging but fun environment. Together, they found beautiful sites on hilltops and by riversides. Together, they set up campuses, tents, kitchens, toilets and travel plans. They designed a curriculum full of challenge, reflection, fun and learning.

Eventually, the business grew into two brands. In 2008, Inme and Youreka became separate businesses but the three of them remained friends. The years passed and the businesses grew to have their own character. But the underlying philosophy remained pure as their original intention. Building self-confidence in young people by creating fun, out-of-comfort experiences in safe, outdoor settings.

It is a natural movement to work together again! As the campfire songs and rituals continue, so will the laughter and fun double!

Inme and Youreka both run summer camps and adventure camps for schools. To ensure there is no confusion, the summer and winter camps will be under the Inme banner and school programs will operate under the Youreka brand.

And our young clients have much more to choose from – more campuses, more locations, more terrains. More challenges, more adventure, more fun. And many more experiences to build confidence!