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Inme Application and Parent consent form 2024

Thank you for choosing the inme experience for your child. We are confident that it will be an engaging experience and a learning opportunity full of adventure, excitement and fun.

The inme summer program is built around adventure and facing challenges. It is more than just a camping holiday. We request you to read the below information and fill the details carefully.

The complete process will take you approximately 10 minutes but will ensure that we are able to provide a memorable experience to your child and you.

1. I understand the program details and the inherent risks of adventure programs

While inme has trained and experienced staff and does its best, I understand and acknowledge the risks associated with outdoor-based adventure programs and the related logistics of travel and stay. These are same as risks present in any private or family trip in the same setting or with similar activities. I am enrolling my child after having understood all the details of the program and I release Inme Learning Pvt. Ltd., its employees, agents, instructors, doctors, contractors and directors of any liability from claims arising due to my child’s participation in the program and the related travel and activities conducted therein.

2. My child is fit to participate in the chosen adventure program

I understand the program design and my child is medically fit to participate in this program. I will provide all relevant medical details in this form. My child does not suffer from any known condition - specifically heart related, blood pressure related, acute asthma, epilepsy, or serious allergies and reactions - that could get aggravated due to the experience or would render the program unsafe for him/her or others. My consent here also includes permission to Inme Learning Pvt. Ltd. and the doctor or hospital chosen by them to provide medication or hospitalization in case of need.

3. I understand the communication protocol during the course of the program

I understand that I will not be able to communicate directly with my child during the program. inme will attempt to provide updates through their Facebook page. I understand that this is not a commitment, and is dependent on telephone and internet connectivity at the campuses. I also understand that the update photographs will be representative and generic and may not cover my child specifically.

4. I understand the code of conduct that needs to be followed on the program

I am aware that participants need to abide by the rules and any misconduct like repeated indiscipline, bullying other participants, gender sensitivity issues, breach of safety rules, or carrying/usage of tobacco, alcohol or other substances will result in my child being sent back from the program at my cost.

5. I am aware of the facilities available on the campuses.

This program is not a luxury camping holiday. It has a structure, schedule, rules, and decorum to be followed. There are shared facilities and resources, and the campuses have spartan yet comfortable accommodation in tents or dormitories. The campuses have hygienic toilets with regular fittings and dedicated cleaning staff, but I do understand that they can never be the same as one expects at home. Some expeditions have shifting camps and do not have fixed toilets or kitchens. Participants carry their own tents and supplies and help with cooking and cleaning chores as part of the learning experience.

6. I permit INME to upload my child’s photographs and videos on its social media

I understand the update process of inme. Inme learning can upload my child’s photographs on its Facebook and Instagram page during and after the camp. And inme may use the images and videos featuring my child/ward for its brochures, website and promotional material.

By clicking submit below indicates that I agree to all the points listed above in this consent letter. I have read, understood, filled and taken all clarification I needed. I am aware of the payment & cancellation policy and agree with the same. Any claim or any controversy involving this agreement shall be conducted in New Delhi.

Participant Information

Inme Camp SG12 Sign Up
DATES : 04 Jul TO 10 Jul
Activities :
Rock Climbing, Ropes Course, Backpacking & Outdoor Survival

*Partcipants will do 1 activity each day

Participant Information
Is the participant flying to the scheduled departure city *
Parent 1 Details
Parent 2 Details


Participant's medical Details

Please fill this form carefully and provide all details clearly
Please do keep in mind that our knowledge about the medical status of your child is limited to what is furnished on the medical form.
Additionally, in the outdoors there is little to no clinical diagnosis possible. Hence all treatment is symptomatic. It is important for you to know that we do not have resources to manage children with specific needs. Eg. ADHD/ADD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Active Epilepsy and congenital Heart Defects

1. Blood Group*
2. Any heart related condition or history of epilepsy?*
3. Is your child currently taking any anti depressants or anti anxiety medication?*
4. Any allergies to specific substances/foods/medicines?*
5. Any muscle/fracture/ bone related injury in the past 6 months?*
6. Any asthma or respiratory related issues?*
7. Any history of bed-wetting/sleepwalking?*
8. Any other medical condition that needs to be mentioned?*
9. Last date/year of tetanus injection?*
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