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come for the thrills

Hit the ropes and slopes. Or rave about the waves. Or take on the biking trails. It’s about embracing physical challenge and pushing your limits. Small groups with a lot of instructor attention to every child. Ready?
Wow Activity

Rock Climbing

  • techniques3-point climbing
  • test yourbalance & agility
  • developwill power & focus
  • achievementsboost self confidence
  • find a wayroute identification

Rock climbing is for the high achievers.  Rock climbing module starts with an introduction to equipment, safety briefing and a session on different types of knots and their usage. Participants master different hand and foot techniques with bouldering and then moving onto climbing rocks.

The complexity of challenge is gradually increased with newer rock faces and routes. Older participants also experience jumaring (or ascending a rock face with the aid of technical equipment) and rappelling (or descending a rock face). 

  • UIAA [certified equipment]
Wow Activity

River Craft

  • exciting combinationriver activities
  • get comfortableflowing river
  • understandriver ecology
  • learnriver navigation
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Water, water and more water! A fun, engaging and challenging activity, it helps participants understand the river ecology & navigate through the river. The module combines an exciting set of river activities that includes an upstream walk, waterfall slide, raft-building, floating, jumping & river crossing!

It’s perfect for water lovers and those looking to get more comfortable in the water.

  • 4-5hr sessions [on the program]
  • phased introduction to water [explore program]
Wow Activity


  • learn to beself-sufficient
  • respect for surroundingsbuild awareness
  • plan and packlearn responsibility
  • build a firecook in the wild

For the explorers at heart, backpacking provides an endless discovery of new worlds at every turn. Witness the beauty of nature as you trek through a mountain or a forest, carrying everything you need. 

Learn to find your way using a compass, pitch tents and set up a campsite. Maybe spend a night out in the wilderness under the starry sky. Do your bit to respect the outdoors and preserve what’s out there by practicing the seven principles of ‘Leave No Trace’ camping.

  • 3–4hr treks [younger children]
  • 5–7hr treks [older children]
Wow Activity

White Water Rafting

  • quick reactionslearn to listen & act
  • work as a teambuild coordination
  • varying difficultyYamuna vs Ganga
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Feel the madness of white water rafting as you ride nature’s ultimate rollercoaster ride. Get a drift of the basics by learning about what makes a river move the way it does, how to paddle and manoeuvre rafts through rapids (the turbulent sections of a river). Always safe and well prepared—we practice how to flip a raft back up and have a safety kayak accompanying rafts at all times. 

A group activity, it encourages you to work together, coordinate efforts and communicate clearly amongst each other.

  • grade 3 [difficulty scale]
  • aquaterra [rafting partner]
Wow Activity

Outdoor Survival

  • self-relianceoutdoor survival
  • way-findingwith no compass
  • improvise sheltertarp, rope & trees

Ever wondered how to survive in an outdoor setting without technology or modern gadgets? What do you do if you get lost? How do you find your way?

Our outdoor survival module teaches you survival skills in the outdoors. From learning to build a fire, to finding direction without a compass, signaling for help, improvising shelter using tarps, understanding flora and fauna to know what is edible in the wild and what is not, to natural water purification techniques; you practice co-existing with nature. For older participants, there’s a night out—build a temporary shelter and try out your survival skills for real. 

  • 1-2 days [discover program]
  • 2-3 days [explore program]
Wow Activity

Mountain Biking

  • buildendurance & confidence
  • learn bike repairfix your own flat tyre
  • challenging terrainsrocky & off-road
  • develop will powerpull your own weight
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Mountain biking is for the true adventurer on wheels. Chart a path over rugged terrain riding a specialised mountain bike. Cycle on off-road trails and rocky mountain passes with tough uphills and exhilarating downhills.

Biking off-road requires strength, endurance, balance and, of course, bike handling skills. Start with a skill building session to learn braking, turning techniques, weight management on uphills and  downhills. Tackle an obstacle course and learn the proper use of helmets, knee and elbow guards. Like a compete mountain biker, learn to fix punctures, and to dismantle, assemble and maintain a bike.

  • trek cycles [best equipment]
  • 4–5hrs [average per day]
Wow Activity

On-Road Biking

  • push yourselfbuild your stamina
  • stay on trackdevelop persistence
  • flat roadslong & winding
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On-road biking at Inme is about long distance cycling that tests the endurance, mental and physical strength of the participants while developing core stability and balance. 

The activity starts with safety briefings, a lesson on how to use the gear, uphill & downhill riding postures, hand signalling and road rules. Learn how to dismantle and assemble a cycle to handle any kind of maintenance issue or breakdown, especially fixing a flat tyre.

Everyone is fully kitted-out with helmets, knee guards and elbow guards. For added safety and being more noticeable on the road bikers wear bright and reflective colours while riding.

  • 7–8hrs [per day]
Wow Activity

Ropes Course

  • test yourbalance & agility
  • working togetherlearn to collaborate
  • build trust'spot' your partner
  • achievementsboost self confidence

“To learn the ropes” means to master the basics of anything. We have good reason to believe it started on a ropes course.

A ropes course is a specially designed obstacle course with low elements built a few feet above the ground and high elements on trees or poles. The activity progresses from low to high elements and the challenge level is adjusted for age.

The activity requires you to coordinate and work together; to take the initiative to help and be helped. The hours fly by as you build self-confidence and trust in others.

Advanced gear and safety equipment keep you and the environment safe. You are secure in a harness, safely arresting falls, so the only way to go is up.

  • 2–45ft [above the ground]
  • UIAA [certified equipment]
Wow Activity


  • 2 become 1build coordination
  • build trustlead and be led
  • unique experiencefour types of kayaking
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The thrill of kayaking is to become one with the water. Each Inme program offers a different experiences—the rush of white water kayaking, deliberate skill of cruising on open water, navigating mild waves in the sea and also going with the flow of mellow, flat waters. 

Our kayaks are the hard shell type or inflatables (also called duckies). They are built for two so that you learn to work together to successfully manoeuvre the kayak. Every movement matters! 

  • 2 person [kayaks]
  • 4–5hrs [session duration]
Wow Activity

Scuba Diving

  • discoverexotic marine life
  • breathe throughoxygen tanks
  • learnhand signals
  • build yourconcentration
  • get certifiedPADI scuba certificate
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In Scuba diving you breathe from oxygen tanks strapped to your back, so you can go deeeeep into the water and explore a world few have seen. Fascinating fish, colourful corals, turtles and many, many more… Scuba diving at Inme comes with the opportunity to get a PADI Scuba Divers’ certificate. 

Go through extensive training on the use of specialised equipment and communicating through hand signals used by divers everywhere. After safety training and a confined water dive, go deep and dive upto 12 meters in the ocean. We make sure you are comfortable in the water so that you make the most of every dive.

  • 12mts [max. depth]
  • 3 [dives]
Wow Activity


  • solo activitybuild concentration
  • improvebalance & coordination
  • keep at itspills make thrills
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Nothing’s cooler than being a surf dude or dudette. Surfing with Inme is an ideal way to ride from novice to wave-catcher.

Start with safety drills in the shallow water followed by learning how to pop-up and stand on the board. Soon enough you’re ready to catch the waves! As comfort levels rise so does the challenge—progress from the shallow water and move further to catch bigger waves. 

We partner with Kallialay surf school in Pondicherry, best on the beach (and it’s a long beach).


  • 9ft [beginner surfboards]
Wow Activity


  • keep at itbuild determination
  • improvebalance & coordination
  • learn from the bestnational level skiiers
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Skiing is believing (in yourself)! We do it the Alpine way, where you have skiis with fixed heel bindings. Ideal for beginners. Once you’re done with the safety briefings get your hands on the gear—including funky overalls.

You’ll learn to steer, navigate different types of turns and safely stop. Then, progress to jumps. You need to be patient and persistent to pick up the skill. It takes some time and practice, but once you get the hang of things, it’s impossible to stay away!

  • 6%-12% gradient [beginners range]
  • –3ºC [weatherproof gear]
Wow Activity


  • swim and exploreshallow waters
  • discoverexotic marine life
  • be mindfulrespect marine life
  • focus on selfbreathe calmly
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Donning a snorkel and fins, you can swim on the surface of the water and take a closer look at underwater world! Spend time in shallow water to get used to using the gear first—learning to float and swim in a way that keeps the snorkel tube above the water level. 

  • 100mtr [from the beach]
  • 3–4hr [sessions]

the days are just packed

Cool time activities take place in the latter half of the day, after lunch. Designed to add exciting and varied talent, experiences beyond adventure and the outdoors. They vary depending on the campus and the age group of participants.

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