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Tadiandamol Expedition

high, higher

Breathtaking views

At an altitude of 1,748m, Tandiandamol is the highest peak in the Coorg district and the third highest in Karnataka.

Loosely translated, the name simply means “highest point”. The trek route is known for its forests and scenic views.

Lead and be lead

Plan out everything needed for the coming days from menus, ration and utensils to contingency food plans. Divide and share a load of supplies, share the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, firewood collection and resource management..

As the days progress, instructors take a step back as the group takes initiative and learns to work as a team—look out for each other, be considerate.

program itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at camp and expedition planning 

Day 2: Introduction to Backpacking and start the trek and reach night out spot by lunch

Day 3: Hike up to the Tadiandamol base camp 

Day 4: Complete the Summit and reach camp by evening

Day 5: Program closure & Arrival back to Bangalore.

Camping on the go

Accommodation during the trek:

  • Campsites are set up at different locations everyday
  • The group pitches their tents (sleeping bags are provided by us)
  • The tents comfortably fit two to three people
  • A pop-up toilet tent is also taken along

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Tadiandamol Expedition

care and safety

We give utmost importance to safety and nutrition.

  • Wholesome and nutritious meals are served on the base camp. While the children make their own food during the expedition, our instructors are there to ensure that the food is nutritious.
  • Water, soups or juices provided during hydration breaks through the day. 
  • Certified and extensively trained outdoor experts and instructors take care of the participants’ needs.
  • A dedicated female instructor will be assigned to each activity group to address the needs of female participants. 
  • Our instructors are certified wilderness first aid responders to take care of any basic / emergency medical needs while on the trek. We also have access to a doctor on call if needed.

travel details

Onward Departure location: Army Public School, Kamaraj Road, Bengaluru

Departure time: 6:00 AM

Mode of transport: luxury AC bus

Return Arrival location: Army Public School, Kamaraj Road, Bengaluru

Arrival time: 10:30 PM

Outstation participants: fly into Bengaluru one day prior to the departure date.

Inme provides airport pick-and-drop from Bengaluru Airport for participants taking the recommended flights

Overnight stay and meals provided at an additional cost.

fitness requirements

Recommended pre - trek preparation: Trekking requires as much physical endurance as it does mental resilience. If the participant is active and plays any physical sport regularly, they should be able to do the trek comfortably.
If not, we recommend you start preparing yourself a few weeks before the departure with jogging, stretching and some basic strength and conditioning exercises to gain the stamina, flexibility and agility needed to truly enjoy the experience.

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