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ski is the limit

ski slopes and mountain air

experience the magic of snow!

Giants slopes of snow in Solang valley form the picturesque backdrop to our skiing program. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, you are transported to a winter wonderland as you learn to ski. 

learn to ski - alpine style

Ideal for beginners, the program starts with an introduction to skiing and its equipment. Participants learn how to balance on skis - standing and walking, turning techniques - Clock Turn and Kick Turn, walking uphill - Herring Bone and Side Stepping, skiing on the flat surfaces and on the fall line. This is followed by fall and recovery drills and finally by lots of time on the slopes. The inme camp ends with the children participating in The Great Slalom Race.

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  • 120000+ [ happy inme campers ]

"An extremely well executed program that is helpful in a child's evolution- physical, mental and emotional. This is from a parent's view point, as far as the child's feedback... he says 10 on 10!!! Superb experience..thank you guys..keep up the great work and more power to you all!"


program itinerary

Day 1 Arrive at Manali. Transfer to Solang and settle into rooms. Ice breakers and group activities help the participants know each other better. This is followed by program briefing, expectation setting and introduction to the equipment and skiing gear.

Participants learn the basics of skiing – balancing, start, stop, different skiing postures, understanding the fall line on a low gradient skiing slope.

Day 2 Start the day with practicing the skills learnt the previous day. Learn turning techniques - kick turn & snow plough, walking uphill – herring bone & side stepping, skiing on flat surfaces and on the fall line. The day is spent maneuvering down a slope using all the skills learnt.

Day 3 Leave for a slope with a higher gradient and go over all the techniques learnt. Enjoy a picnic-style lunch in the snow and then continue to do full slope skiing. Evening games around the bonfire will be held at the hotel.

Day 4 Hit the highest slope with the steepest gradient of the program and practice new jumping techniques. Post a picnic-style lunch; participate in an obstacle course of jumps, turns and stops. A fun-filled exciting day! The evening is spent around the bonfire playing games.

Day 5 Post a closing session and some free time in the snow, the group gets to explore and shop in Manali. In the evening, leave for Delhi by bus.

We have received snowfall on these program dates every year since 2012 except for 2016. In case of no/inadequate snowfall on program dates, we will convert the program to a snow trek. We will take the participants to Sethan (15 kms from Manali) for a trek.

hotel in the mountains 

Hotel accommodation at Solang valley. Separate rooms will be provided for girls and boys on a sharing basis.

a ticket to discover your true potential


ski is the limit
Manali, Himachal Pradesh

care and safety

Being well fed and hydrated is crucial to staying energised for the action-packed days. The meals provided in the course of the trip span various cuisines—always fresh, wholesome and nutritious. Water, soup or juice provided during hydration breaks through the day. The team on the program comprises of professional surfers and certified outdoor experts who go through extensive training and assessment before working with us. For the comfort and special needs of girls, there is a female instructor present at all times.  

travel details

fitness requirements

This program might be more demanding than the usual physical activities you’re used to. We recommend a little jogging, stretching and exercise a few weeks before the departure to gain the flexibility and agility needed to truly enjoy the experience. Do this wearing the shoes you want to carry for the program—it’ll help break into them.

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