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Kayak 'n' More - naukuchiatal & sitlakhet combo

A two camp combo


kayaks, ropes, rock and starry starry nights best combo ever!

Enjoy the the serenity of a lake in a kayak. But don’t mistake the calm Naukuchiatal lake for an easy ride. Certainly not a piece of kayak (haha). Another day, clamber up a rope gym. 

On day 4 shift campuses to Sitlakhet to explore the mountains & forests of the Kumaon region. Do rock climbing and backpacking at Sitlakhet

A combo of terrains, skills and moods—serenity and thrill, land and water.

working together in the outdoors

A one of a kind experience of flat-water kayaking. It's a great way to learn proper technique, safety and coordination (it takes two to kayak). Deal with capsized kayaks, self rescue, tandom kayak and other drills only possible on a lake. The ropes course is a fun way to learn coordination and the pushes and pulls of partnership. 

Shift to Sitlakhet. The only way is up! Master different hand and foot techniques with bouldering and then moving onto climbing rocks. The backpack trek into the hills includes setting up camp at nightfall. Watch the Great Bear and Cassiopeia's W shape rise over the tree line. 

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Rashmi Budhiraja, Arav's mother


program itinerary

DAY 1 Travel! Depart from New Delhi Airport Terminal 2 at 10:30pm. Overnight travel to campus.

DAY 2 It's time to Kayak! Arrive at the campus for breakfast. Settle in and set expectations with a brief orientation and group division. Learn about the equipment and some hydrology basics. Following a detailed safety briefing. Post lunch do second session of Kayaking

DAY 3 Ropes Course! Time to hit the low ropes course after a safety briefing and introduction to the equipment. Post lunch progress to the challenging high elements of the ropes course

DAY 4 Backpacking Skilling & Learning Initiatives! Go for a short trek in the morning and understand mountain manners, tent pitching & LNT (leave no trace). Post lunch do learning initiatives on campus. Evening pack up bags and ready to depart for Sitlakhet in the morning. 

DAY 5  Shift to Sitlakhet campus & Bouldering! Depart from Naukuchiatal at 6:00am and shift to Sitlakhet camp. Reach Sitlakhet for breakfast at 9:30am. Settle in and explore the camp. Post lunch time to learn and understand the techniques & holds of Rock Climbing in Bouldering. Introduction to equipment and knots used for climbing

DAY 6 Rock Climbing & Night Out!  In the morning head to the Pride Rock (45 feet in height) for rock climbing. Return to camp for lunch. Post lunch leave for night out. Trek and explore the beautiful valley. Pitch tents, set up a campsite and spend the night out 

DAY 7 Return to Camp & Helter-Skelter! Pack up, clear the makeshift campsite and trek back to the campus. Post lunch Inme Helter-Skelter (camp olympics) begin. We end the program with talent night and bonfire on Sitlakhet campus.

DAY 8 Departure to Delhi! Concluding de-brief and reflection session before departing for New Delhi. Post lunch depart from campus

DAY 9 Arrival in Delhi! Arrival at New Delhi Airport Terminal 2 at 5:30am

in-tent-ionally basic

Spend the nights under the stars in spartan yet comfortable tents that are kitted out with camping mats and sleeping bags. Choose your tent mates—boys and girls separately, of course!

a ticket to discover your true potential


Kayak 'n' More - naukuchiatal & sitlakhet combo

care and safety

Being well fed and hydrated is crucial to staying energised for the action-packed days. A fully functional kitchen on campus dishes up fresh, wholesome and nutritious food for every meal. Water, soup or juice provided during hydration breaks through the day. Our instructors take care of the rest. They're all certified outdoor experts who go through extensive training and assessment before working with us. For the comfort and special needs of girls, there is a female instructor assigned to each activity group. A doctor is also present on campus at all times to attend to medical needs.

travel details

Groups depart from Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 2 at 10:30pm by AC buses till Kathgodam. Onwards journey till campus is by Non AC bus. Groups will arrive on campus for breakfast.  On the way back, we reach Indira Gandhi International Airport at 5:30am.   Outstation participants fly into Delhi on the departure date and fly out on arrival date. Inme provides airport pick-up-and-drop service and meals at an added cost of Rs. 2000/-. Contact us for details.  

fitness requirements

This program might be more demanding than the usual physical activities you're used to. We recommend a little jogging, stretching and exercise a few weeks before the departure to gain the flexibility and agility needed to truly enjoy the experience. Do this wearing the shoes you want to carry for the program—it'll help break into them.

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