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Kayak and More: Karwar

a mad mangrove medley Dates

  • eligibility 12-17 year olds
  • location Karwar Campus, karnataka
  • duration 8 days

backpack it and rock it. kayak on the kali, in karwar, karnataka

…and catch a krab (ok, crab) If you’re the type who needs constant variety, get this mix. Open water kayaking, rock climbing, and backpacking; this is a must-do challenge for high-charge thrill seekers. Meanwhile, the picturesque Kali just flows on and on.

medium difficulty / IAYP silver
  • connect to natureright by Kali river
  • home to countlesscoastal crabs
  • rare sightsendangered flora & fauna
  • calm waterspaddle harder
  • trek and set up1 night-out camp

self, other and nature

The Kali offers varied stretches of slow waters to currents perfect for a graded learning experience. Learn paddling techniques, safety, balance the kayak with your partner and even learn how to deal with the infamous kayak-flip. For a unique climax, navigate mangrove canopies. Rock climbing is an individual activity, done on natural rock faces around the campus. The backpack trek starts with walking through the fascinating mangroves and ends with setting up camp. At night, camp out in the wilderness and watch the Ursa Minor and Draco constellations.

  • 11 [ trips so far ]
  • 495 [ happy inme campers ]

“after each camp I find my kids packed with loads of energy, new ideas and self confidence”

–Saswati Mukherjee, Mother

program itinerary

DAY 1 Arrive at the campus by lunch. Settle in and set expectations with a brief orientation

DAY 2 Learn about the equipment and some hydrology basics. Following a detailed safety briefing it’s time to kayak!

DAY 3 Revise kayaking basics and kayak in the Kali river, lined with mangroves

DAY 4 Learn the basics of rock climbing equipment—harness, ropes, carabiners, knots and anchors. Start with small boulders, move on to big rock faces

DAY 5 Tackle even bigger natural rocks along with some jumaring and rappelling

DAY 6 Trek and explore the mangroves. Pitch tents, set up a campsite and spend the night out

DAY 7 Pack up, clear the makeshift campsite and trek back to the campus

DAY 8 Concluding de-brief and reflection session before departing for the airport

comfy tents and cozy cottages

Camp out in tents and cottages kitted out with mattresses and sleeping bags. Share your space with three or four other people. Boys and girls separately, of course!

a ticket to discover your true potential


Kayak and More: Karwar

Karwar Campus, karnataka

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  • instructor to child ratio1:6
  • on each programfemale instructors
  • on the campusdoctor on duty
  • on campus emergency vehicle
  • instructors trained inwilderness medicine

care and safety

Being well fed and hydrated is crucial to staying energised for the action-packed days. A fully functional kitchen on campus dishes up fresh, wholesome and nutritious food for every meal. Water, soup or juice provided during hydration breaks through the day. Our instructors take care of the rest. They’re all certified outdoor experts who go through extensive training and assessment before working with us. For the comfort and special needs of girls, there is a female instructor assigned to each activity group. A doctor is also present on campus at all times to attend to medical needs.

travel details

Participants fly to Goa from their respective cities. It’s important that you only book the flight recommended by Inme. The flight expenses are not included in the program cost. We do not accompany the children on the flight but our team receives them at the airport. The group then continues their journey in AC buses to our campus, just four hours away.

fitness requirements

This program might be more demanding than the usual physical activities you’re used to. We recommend a little jogging, stretching and exercise a few weeks before the departure to gain the flexibility and agility needed to truly enjoy the experience. Do this wearing the shoes you want to carry for the program—it’ll help break into them.

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