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the great american bicycle ride

1100kms of pure wheel power

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just you, your cycle and the coast

Imagine the Pacific Ocean to your right, a mountain range on your left and a light summer breeze on your face. A once in a lifetime journey of self-discovery, and an opportunity to really push yourself to discover your true potential.

Bike from Seattle to San Francisco along the Pacific Coast in USA. Camp in state parks, zip past soaring mountains, meander the magnificent Redwoods and witness the most breathtaking views ever.


lead and take ownership

Over the 24 days, ride for more than 1100kms across Washington, Oregon, and California. Carry your belongings and equipment in panniers as you ride along the coastline, set-up camp at state parks, and cook your food. Roles and responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, packing are shared and rotated over the days. As the days progress, the instructors take a step back to let the group lead the program. They brave diverse weather conditions together and also discover different facets of each other's personalities along the way.

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"The high point of our journey with Inme was last year when Arjun did GABR. Being the youngest in the group, we were little anxious about him completing the ride. Sarabjit and his team were a great driving force. They kept him motivated till the end and he came back a refined teenager."


program itinerary

Day 1–3 Land in Seattle. Lake Sylvia State Park for biking practice, learning road rules and safety protocols (distance covered 54kms)

Day 4–6 Enter Oregon: Tillamook cheese factory, sea lion caves, sand boarding at Sand Master park (distance covered 91kms)

Day 7–10 7 Devils Road, Humbug Mountain beach, sunset at the bay (distance covered 186kms)

Day 11–14 Enter California: bears and elk, Avenue of the Giants (distance covered 260kms)

Day 15–17 Redwoods hike, Country Café burgers, summit Leggett Hill (distance covered 142kms)

Day 18–20 Manchester by the sea, Salt Point, Devils Gulch (distance covered 240kms)

Day 21 Finish the journey at the Golden Gate Bridge! celebration at Cheesecake Factory (distance covered 53kms)

Day 22 Explore San Francisco. Concluding feedback session

Day 23 Fly back to India

camping on the go

In Seattle and San Francisco the group stays in simple and clean hostels. Along the biking route we pitch tents in state parks where there are built up toilets and hot shower facilities. Separate areas are allotted for boys and girls.

a ticket to discover your true potential


the great american bicycle ride
pacific coast, USA

care and safety

Being well fed and hydrated is crucial to staying energised for the demanding days. There is wholesome and nutritious food for every meal in the course of the expedition. Water, soup or juice provided during hydration breaks through the day. The instructor team comprises of an wilderness first aider, bike technician, experiential education specialist and a behavioural learning facilitator. For the comfort and special needs of girls, there is a female instructor also part of the group. Travel insurance policies are issued for all participants, and we have the support of excellent emergency services with quick response time in USA. SAG (support and gear) truck travels with the group throughout the journey and carries all essential supplies, rations and equipment needed for the program.

travel details

fitness requirements

The Great American Bicycle Ride is gruelling journey that will take some real physical and mental preparation. We strongly recommended you follow Inme's eight week fitness plan and prepare for the program. Other than a reasonable level of fitness, cycling is the best way to prepare. If you have access to a bicycle—ride it daily. If not, substitute it with another form of cardiovascular exercise such as running, football or swimming.

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