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Challenge Program

Nagtibba Expedition is our gateway to the world of big mountains for our younger participants! Nagtibba at 9915 ft is the highest peak of Lesser Himalayas and is also known as "The Serpent Peak". The expedition starts with a short acclimatization trek where participants learn to pitch tents and set up camp. Soon it is time to put all of the learning into action and conquer Nag Tibba! Participants trek during the day and set up camp at a different location every day! The second night of trek, they camp out near the temple of a local deity. Everybody works together for collecting water, firewood, pitching tents and then cooks together. The children gather around bonfire for fun stories and talent show and enjoy the beauty of nature as they sleep under the starlit open sky in magnificent vast meadows. Prepare to fall in love with the outdoors, forge new friendships and conquer new challenges in this exciting adventure! Nagtibba Expedition is the perfect summer camp for our young adventurers.

cost ₹ 33,600.00

For participants joining the program from Delhi. Additional cost of Rs. 1400 is applicable. This does not include the cost of air tickets. Please call us for details.


We currently do not have any programs planned for The Nag Tibba Ascent


  1. Assembly Time 5:45 AM
  2. Assembly Location Premium Car Parking, New Delhi Railway Station
  1. Assembly Time 10:45 PM
  2. Assembly Location Premium Car Parking, New Delhi Railway Station

Please Note: While fun is an important element in our designs, we do not promise a cushioned, luxury holiday. We take utmost care to ensure that children are well fed, remain hydrated and have a comfortable sleep. But being without phones, sharing living spaces, baths, toilets is as much a part of the unfamiliar environment that aids learning as the great big outdoors.

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