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Inme Registration form


You are one step closer to finish registering for the Inme program. The Inme registration form is divided into two parts—Online Application form (personal and medical details of the applicant) and Parent Consent form (has to printed, signed by the parent and submitted in hard copy to the Inme office)

participant's details

parent 1 details

parent 2 details

I have voluntarily provided inme learning the phone numbers & emails above on which they can contact us and send messages for updates / alerts / promotions etc. (we promise not to bug you)

program & activity choice

Program you want to attend (refer to the schedule for dates, availability, and program code)

If you have selected Mountain Biking as an activity, please provide your Inseam Length

If you do not want your child to attend a specific activity, please mention it here

If you are registering for Skiing or The Kedarkantha Snow expedition, please mention your shoe size (mention UK/US)

  • Mountain biking participants should know how to ride a bicycle. The office will confirm mountain biking after making sure the campus has a bicycle as per the inseam length of the child.
  • A minimum of 8 participants are needed to form an activity group - in case the number is lower, we may request you to change the activity or program dates.

participant's medical details

Please fill this form carefully and provide all details clearly.

Please do keep in mind that our knowledge about the medical status of your child is limited to what is furnished on the medical form. Additionally, in the outdoors there is little to no clinical diagnosis possible. Hence all treatment is symptomatic. It is important for you to know that we do not have resources to manage children with specific needs. Eg. ADHD/ADD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Active Epilepsy and congenital Heart Defects

1. Any heart related condition or history of epilepsy?*

2. Blood Group*

3. Anti-tetanus administered?*

4. Any medical condition or relevant information that Inme should have?*

5. Any allergies to specific substances/foods/medicines?*

6. Any history of bed-wetting/sleepwalking?*

7. Any asthma or respiratory related issues?*

8. Any muscle injury or a fracture recently?*

9. Hospitalization in the past year?*

how did you hear about us?

participant code of conduct

Parents must share this with participants and make them understand and commit to this code of conduct.

Since some of the issues are more relevant to older children, participants 12 years and above must demonstrate their understanding and agreement by signing this section.

  1. I understand that this is not a luxury camping trip or holiday trip. I commit to follow the safety & discipline norms, and the plans shared by the Campus Chief and instructors on the program.
  2. I will respect other participants and will not bully or misbehave with them. I will maintain decorum and be polite in my language and interactions with others.
  3. I will not carry a mobile phone or music player/gaming device.
  4. I know that there are restricted spaces (tents, toilets or others) for boys and girls and I will respect those boundaries.
  5. I understand that I may not always be in the same activity or accommodation groups of my choice as these may require logistical, safety or learning considerations.
  6. I will respect camp equipment and property.
  7. I understand that on expedition based programs I will have to share all chores and responsibilities as agreed by the group. I understand that it is critical to be one for all and all for one to make these programs safe and successful.
  8. I will not carry or consume cigarettes, alcohol or other illegal substances on the program.

I agree to the code of conduct listed above. I have read and understood the code of conduct.

parent consent form

We still need the parents’ written permission to take their child out.

The consent form will be emailed to the parents on submission of this form. The hard copy of the consent form has to signed by the parents of the participant and sent to the inme office within a week of submitting the form. It's important!

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