Challenge Programs

  • Challenge Programs
  • Age Group13–17
  • Leveladvanced
  • duration8–24 days

the tough get going

[ our biggest challenges ]

seasoned explorers only

These summer camps offer a higher level of outdoor experiences that push your limits physically and mentally to take on the challenge ahead.


  • on-campus or moving expeditionsSome Challenge Summer Camp programs have a fixed site. Others involve setting up a new camp along the way, every day, managing your chores and carrying your own personal supplies
  • you’re in chargeInstructors are there to guide while the children take on more responsibility in the course of the program. Learning to be accountable, manage resources, and work as a team are life skills that the children take away from our summer camps
  • IAYP certified programsEach Challenge Summer Camp program has been graded based on IAYP bronze, silver and gold levels. Embrace the challenge and we’ll certify your accomplishment
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