Surf n Turf

  • Shared Hotel rooms
  • Pondicherry
    South India
  • 8

Challenge Program

Inme’s surfing program is ideal for beginners. The art of surfing involves using a surfboard to glide over the white crested waves in the ocean! It’s a sport which demands concentration, precision, skill and balance!

Accommodation is provided in a hotel with separate rooms for boys and girls

Our young participants will wade into the oceanic waters and learn to crest the waves. All of this happens on the beautiful beaches of Pondicherry where expert surfing instructors will be taking our young participants through each step with a lot of care and skill.

The participants will also get to explore the city and its iconic french colonial architecture and past!

cost ₹ 44,900.00


  1. Program ST1
  2. Departure 14-Apr-2019
  3. Arrival 21-Apr-2019
  4. Age 14 - 17 years


  1. Assembly Time 10:15 pm
  2. Assembly Location Madiwala Bus station, Bangalore
  1. Assembly Time 6:00 am
  2. Assembly Location Madiwala Bus station, Bangalore

Please Note: While fun is an important element in our designs, we do not promise a cushioned, luxury holiday. We take utmost care to ensure that children are well fed, remain hydrated and have a comfortable sleep. But being without phones, sharing living spaces, baths, toilets is as much a part of the unfamiliar environment that aids learning as the great big outdoors.

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