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finding me at inme

finding me at inme

Come summer and I’m looking forward to another fun-filled time at inme as I have for the past four years. Those short 8 days a year have taught me more than what four years in a classroom ever could. Unforgettable gets a new meaning, when I claim that I can never forget what I learn at inme.

The learning at inme never ends for me. From something as simple as learning to pitch my own tent to confidence building during rock climbing, or even battling rapids in the Ganga. Inme has taught me to be more respectful, open-minded and accepting even as an individual and shown me the value of nature. It has made me appreciate what we have even more. Inme has a way of teaching you values that assuredly help you grow as a person. And all this while having so much fun that you don’t even know when these learnings transpire.

I have learnt that offering help to a new friend who falls sick, is sometimes easier than asking for help when needed. And while the circle of friends continues to grow, with each passing year, these friendships seem to have a life much longer than the camp.

Enveloped in all the fun and excitement, very often without even realizing it then, I have grown into a much more independent individual. I have learnt to believe in me. And that, I am sure, every inme attendee will agree with.

And so, for all these reasons I’m surely going back for more to Inme.

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