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Airport Transfers Form

airport transfer form


For outstation participants

Taking a flight to attend the program? Though, Inme does not accompany participants on the flight, we do have the facility to receive and drop the child at the destination airport. Additional charges for outstation participants are:

Rs. 1000 (includes meals and travel)


  1. Inme will provide the details (Phone no. & Photo ID) of the Inme team member picking the child 2 days before the flight.
  2. Participants carrying a mobile phone for the travel must carry a charged power bank to charge the phone on return. The phone, power bank and charger should be submitted in a pouch with the child name at arrival to the Inme team.
  3. The child must carry a copy of the return ticket and submit it along with the photo id to the Inme team. Please submit it in an envelope/Ziplock with the child name.


Children below the age of twelve (12) years are regarded as minors by airlines. In case they are travelling alone, they travel as an unaccompanied minor and have to complete the procedure below.

Unaccompanied Minor Travel Procedure:

  1. A travel form (each airline has a downloadable form on their website) has to be filled by the parent or guardian and submitted to the airline at the airport on the departure day.
    Please take 8 print outs of the form.
    4 have to be submitted at the airline counter when the child is dropped to the airport. Visit the airline counter at the departure terminal.
    The remaining 4 forms will be used when the child takes the return flight post camp. Details of the Inme team member dropping them to the airport will be filled by us, rest of the form should be filled by you and sent with the child.
  2. There is a separate fee charged by the airline for this service. You can pay this additional fee (a) at the time of booking the flight OR (b) at the time you drop the child to the airport. Please make sure the additional fee has been paid for the round trip of the child in advance, this ensures that the airline is prepared beforehand.
  3. As per the airline rules, airline ground staff member will take the child to the aircraft. During the flight, the airline cabin crew will keep an eye on the child and will make sure that they have everything they need.
  4. When the flight arrives, the airline ground staff will accompany and assist the child through the airport arrival and hand over the child to the concerned Inme person.


  • Inme takes responsibility of the child from the moment the child is handed over to the Inme team member at the airport.
  • Valid photo-ID for both the unaccompanied minor and the parent or guardian is required at the point of check-in.
  • Please ensure your child is available at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure. You cannot web check-in, if you are travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor. Parents are required to stay at the airport until the flight has departed.
  • While recommending flights, we do keep buffer time at hand. However, due to any unforeseen reason, if the child was to miss a flight, the cost for rescheduling/booking the new flight is borne by the parent.

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