Ski Is The Limit

  • Shared Hotel Rooms
  • Solang
    North India
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Challenge Program

The Skiing program has been designed for learning how to Ski. On our adventure camp, children will be skiing on the slopes of Solang Nala, 14 kms from Manali. The giant slopes of Solang Valley are one of the best in India and are also used for National Skiing Competitions. Professionals who are National Level Skiers and have represented India in various competitions run the program.

The program starts with an introduction to skiing and its equipment. Participants learn how to balance on skis - standing and walking, turning techniques - Clock Turn and Kick Turn, walking uphill - Herring Bone and Side Stepping, skiing on the flat surfaces and on the fall line. This is followed by fall and recovery drills and finally by lots of time on the slopes. The inme camp ends with the children participating in The Great Slalom Race.


  1. Program SK1
  2. Departure 25-Dec-2016
  3. Arrival 31-Dec-2016
  4. Age 13 - 16 years
  1. Program SK2
  2. Departure 02-Jan-2017
  3. Arrival 08-Jan-2017
  4. Age 13 - 16 years


  1. Package Fee Rs. 45,933.00
  2. Tax Amount Rs. 02,067.00

  1. Total Fee Rs. 48,000.00


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Please Note: While fun is an important element in our designs, we do not promise a cushioned, luxury holiday. We take utmost care to ensure that children are well fed, remain hydrated and have a comfortable sleep. But being without phones, sharing living spaces, baths, toilets is as much a part of the unfamiliar environment that aids learning as the great big outdoors.

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