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Challenge Program

Situated by the river Kali, the Karwar campus is situated on the banks for river Kali and comprises of 5 acres of forest land. It is 10 kms south of Goa border. Rock climbing faces and trekking routes are situated close to the campus; river Kali adds exciting kayaking opportunities.

Accommodation is provided in separate tents / cabins for boys and girls

Typically a program has 40 participants who work in 2 smaller activity groups of 15-20 participants under the care of trained outdoor instructors. All participants experience kayaking and Rock Climbing. They are engaged with the 2 activities for 2 days each. The outdoor activities are conducted in the first half of the day. Post lunch, participants engage in activities that include community service, environmental awareness and/or village visits. Late evenings are for informal activities, campfire, and group interaction.

cost ₹ 34,900.00

Original Price: Rs. 41500. The early bird price of Rs. 34900 is applicable on registrations by 31 January, 2019.


  1. Program KMK1
  2. Departure 11-Apr-2019
  3. Arrival 18-Apr-2019
  4. Age 14 - 17 years
  1. Program KMk2
  2. Departure 18-Apr-2019
  3. Arrival 25-Apr-2019
  4. Age 13 - 15 years
  1. Program KMK3
  2. Departure 16-May-2019
  3. Arrival 23-May-2019
  4. Age 12 - 14 years

All participants experience Kayaking, Backpacking and Rock Climbing.


  1. Assembly Time 10:00 pm
  2. Assembly Location Bangalore
  1. Assembly Time 8:00 am
  2. Assembly Location Bangalore

Please Note: While fun is an important element in our designs, we do not promise a cushioned, luxury holiday. We take utmost care to ensure that children are well fed, remain hydrated and have a comfortable sleep. But being without phones, sharing living spaces, baths, toilets is as much a part of the unfamiliar environment that aids learning as the great big outdoors.

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